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Dark Flights Art

Dark Flights Art have been supplying jewellery and costumery to the Live Roleplay and Reenactment hobbies for several years, as well as producing art for Musicians and Music magazines.

The “Heraldic” range includes Lion and Unicorn pendants, a Griffin lapel badge and other Mythical animals!

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Lovingly handmade greetings cards and stationery, crafted in the Heart of the UK Creative Trade. Ms Lawrence draws inspiration from many walks of life, pulling them together into traditional British designs.

For custom designs, contact:

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The Crystal Cave, home of The Crystal Wizard, brings you Creations from some of the best Creative Crafters across the UK.

From clothing and jewellery to greetings cards and oracle cards; paintings, sculptures and ceramics, you are bound to find something that takes your fancy!

We are constantly on the lookout for new Artists to feature, so don’t forget to check back regularly to see what has been added since your last visit!

The Crystal Wizard personally selects all of the suppliers featured here, to ensure the Quality, Originality and Suitability of all products!


Showcasing the best in UK art, craft and creative design!

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“Unique, One of a Kind, Fun, Multi-Function, Up-cycled, Organic, Fair-trade, Affordable!

Words I try to live my life by and run my business with“


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Dark Flights Art

Melissa Lawrence Designs

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Gemstones are a part of many ancient cultures often considered to be a talisman or symbol of good luck or fortune. Different gems make different mystical claims. For thousands of years they have been made into rings, bracelets, amulets, brooches & pendants. There is a theory that gemstones carry vibrational rates. By placing gemstones within your aura, your aura's vibrations will change in response. Whatever your beliefs, gemstones are attractive, interesting and fun to study and collect.



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